Our technology makes homes and businesses more energy efficient, comfortable, convenient, and secure with personalized features and experiences that transform a dream home into a dream way of living.

  • Home Automation Vaughan


    Enjoy music and video throughout your home. All equipment vanishes into a media cabinet or closet. What’s left is a thing of beauty. Speakers will blend seamlessly into the background—with only the sound telling you that they even exist.
  • Security Systems Concord

    Safety & Security

    Intelligent security gives homeowners peace of mind knowing that their family is safe and secure. They can lock every door and arm the alarm with a single touch, check on the kids from downstairs or downtown, view video feeds from security cameras, and even receive alerts when there is a water leak, the garage is open, or the kids get home from school.
  • Security Systems Vaughan

    Comfort & Convenience

    Homeowners can control humidity and temperature levels, automate shades to lower during the hottest hours of the day, power on the hot tub or fireplace, and program the entire house for maximum energy efficiency— regardless of the time of day or season. Systems are smart enough to automate lawn systems appropriately in response to changes in weather.
  • Smart Home Oakville

    Smart Lighting

    Replacing multiple switches and dimmers with one beautiful keypad means never having to disrupt the aesthetics of the home.
  • Smart Home Richmond Hill


    Reliable and robust network infrastructure that can handle all the heavy networking traffic in your house. Ensure quality WIFI signals all the way to your pool house.
  • Smart Homes Vaughan

    Smart Shades

    With a press of a button or voice command you can close every shade in your home. Program them to close automatically before bedtime or to open before you wake up.